Friday, September 30, 2011

Oatmeal Jelly Soap in Lacoste Pink Scent Giveaway

I've been wanting to share with you my success with my soap making projects for a long while. In fact, it has been almost a year since I last bought a bar of soap in the market. I've been using my own and I've been loving it since. My love for homemade all natural spa products started in 2003.... I was featured in Inquirer and took up almost a whole page of the lifestyle section!

Since then, I've been selling my products, on a per order basis, to the whole Philippines! Cinderella wanted me to go mainstream but I declined, thinking that it might take the fun out of making my own beauty skin products in the comforts of my home.

But I kept at it, in my own time. And I never stopped since!

And now here we are with my new Oatmeal Jelly Soaps. They're natural and organic so it's really good for the skin! :)

This one that I'm going to share with you is my Oatmeal Herbal Jelly Soap with the essence of Lacoste Touch of Pink. I only used glycerin, oatmeal, water, honey and the essence of Lacoste Pink to make this soap. When I say essence, it's not the perfume per se. It's a special essential oil that exhibits the smell of Lacoste Touch of Pink. Here's how it looked like before the curing process. It's reddish but when it finally hardened and cured, it turned a lighter shade of orange.

Why Jelly Soap?

I call them jelly soaps because as compared to the ones sold in the market, my soap feels and looks like jelly or gelatin. My husband almost ate it one time when he got home and saw my soaps laid out on the table. LOL!

It is quite soft so you can actually rub it directly on your skin, as vigorously as you want. When used daily, this small piece of soap can still last a month. And it's like having your own spa right in your shower every time! The oatmeal is a natural, gentle cleanser that contains saponins. It provides gentle exfoliation as it penetrates deep into your skin, thereby making your skin smooth and supple. If you use it on your face, the oatmeal absorbs excess oil leaving your skin not just smooth, but also shine-free. I actually came from the shower just now and I've just toweled off. I haven't applied any lotion on my skin yet, but it already feels smooth and supple. Amazing!

Another natural ingredient I used when I made my Oatmeal Jelly Soap in Lacoste Pink Scent is honey. Honey has antibacterial properties which are good for healing wounds and minor blemishes, as well as disinfecting your skin. You can actually directly apply honey on your skin twice a week to naturally get rid of acne. It is gentle on sensitive skin and acts as a perfect humectant, meaning it helps retain moisture for your skin.

So that's it for my Oatmeal Jelly Soap in Lacoste Pink Scent. I'll be sharing some more next time. If you wanna know more about the basics of soap making, check out the related posts by following this link: Soap Making

Oh, and I plan to give away two of my Oatmeal Jelly Soap in Lacoste Pink Scent to two lucky commenters, one jelly soap for each. I'll also throw in one Sexy Nomad apparel from my collection for each lucky commenter. You just have to do the following if interested:

I will manually raffle the two winners and show it here through a video. Deadline is on Oct. 14 at 11:59pm. So that's it! Good luck! :)

*I am extending the deadline until Oct. 21, 11:59pm so more people can join the giveaway!*


Here's the video of the raffle! Congratulations to Mitchteryosa and Mommy Jes! :) Watch out for my email.:)

Disclaimer: The ingredients used in the homemade soaps (honey, oatmeal, and glycerin), though natural and organic, may have side effects on your skin if you're allergic to it. Apply first on a small area of your skin. Otherwise, herbal organic soaps are generally safe to use and good for sensitive skin.


  1. wow you made this all? i wanna try some!!! JONING your giveaway!!!

  2. Hi Mommy Jes! Yep, I've been making soaps and spa products since 2003. :)

  3. Totally curious about your jelly soap. And I love the scent of Lacoste so this will definitely be a winner.

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  4. ahahha sorry I just read it by now. I opened this last night before I i am joining! I want the jelly soap for my mama since I am not in the pHilippines Hoping to win your incredible invention!!! :D
    jganlising at yahoo dot com is my emaail


  5. 1) I want the oatmeal jelly soap coz i love beauty and pampering myself. It is my guilty pleasure. I also love the fact that it is all natural and organic! :-)


  6. Hi Jen! Wow, I didn't know that you also make spa products. Would love to try your new product! Who knows maybe next time you ship my orders, may soap ng kasama hahaha!

    An old fan of your pages.

  7. I'm joining, dear!

    I want to try your jelly soap, it looks promising and hoping that it is also good in a sensitive skin.

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  8. His sis DONE with all the requirements added you in my sidebar already -

    Hope to win!!!

  9. Thank you for commenting ladies! I'm gonna check the links and link your blogs to mine. :)

  10. Please make sure you did all the instructions to get qualified for the giveaway. Thanks again!:)

  11. I want a jelly soap so we can have spa at home!
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  12. Linked you up na Rikka! Thanks for joining and good luck!:)

  13. wow dami mong projects talaga sis. hehe hope i win the soaps. :)

  14. Hi Sis Erlyn, long time no see, hehe! I'll link you up. Thanks for joining and good luck! :)

  15. I'm already a fan of your products (and of course on your FB pages). Linking you up on The Bent Journal blog. my email is cheska[at]love[dot]com. I wish I would win coz I miss using your beauty products! My faves were the minty lipbalm, the body scrub and the body mist. :) I'm excited to try the new jelly soaps!

  16. Thanks Stargazer! I love your new blog. Heaven is so pretty and talented!:)

  17. Joining!
    wow! this kind of soap is really something new for me and indeed I want to experience that feeling of having a smooth and supple skin.

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  18. I want to have your oatmeal jelly soap because my face has lots of blemishes.
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  19. I always patronize handmade products because I know its made with much effort and love. Most of them are unique, one of a kind which means each one of them were made special.

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  20. Thanks to all who joined so far. I've also added the blogs of those who added Sexy Nomad Projects in their blog roll as well. :)

    Good luck!:)

  21. l love organic products such as this!.

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  22. I want to try those soaps. I hope to win.

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  23. I want to try this and i love beauty soaps such as this one.
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  24. Hi sis! I really love this giveaway so I'm joining :)

    - I want to have that oatmeal jelly soap because just by looking at it, it already looks so tempting to use. I love natural products and your soap looks like one of the best :) The ingredients you've used are truly healthy to the skin and I actually have Lacoste Pink Scent so I'm sure my boyfriend will love to smell me even more lol

    - I followed your blog thru my twitter (@nicealyssa) and my name is Alyssa

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  27. I eat oatmeal for breakfast and now I want to try your oatmeal jelly soap for my skin.
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  28. Joining your contest... :)

    I want to have your oatmeal jelly soap because I want to try it, I never tried an organic product in my whole life. So if given a chance I would love to try your product. :)

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  29. I tried oatmeal soap before and when I tried it to my skin I fell in love with that soap.It was like a scrubbing soap for me.

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  30. Hi Jen, your oatmeal jelly soap looks yummy and I bet it will make my skin yummier too after using it. It's a good alternative too to the commercially available soaps that often irritate my skin, so I want to try your soaps esp. the oatmeal jellies since it's homemade and I want to see its effect on my skin.

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  32. Hi Ms. Jen. Im joining your giveaway... (yay for extension!) hehe

    I would love to try that oatmeal jelly soap,first bec i love oatmeal whether it's in a bowl or in a energy bar form. second, I never tried jelly soap before that's why I am so excited to try one. Lastly, I have a bottle of Lacoste touch of pink , someone gave it to me as a gift without any occasion coz I have been a good girl ( hehe) and I love the scent!

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  33. Thanks for joining Magz! I added your blog as well. :) Good luck! :)

  34. Hello Jennifer,
    It's been a long time since I ordered from you. Can I still ask you to produce for me? miniature versions, as samplers for my start-up day spa here in Bicol

  35. I love the aroma of that soap. Lacoste pink is one of my favorite perfumes. It is good for any season of the year.