Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tomato, Eggplant and Okra Seedlings 2nd Month Update

It's been two months since I ventured into making my own vegetable garden. I've only re-potted my tomato, eggplant and okra seeds once and I've been meaning to transplant them again to much bigger pots where they can permanently grow and bear vegetable fruits. Unfortunately, I can no longer eat tomatoes, eggplant and okra because of my GERD and acid reflux but maybe once I'm healed, I can slowly incorporate them in my diet again.

I'll really find time his weekend to re-pot my growing vegetable seedlings. Must jot this down on my short-term goals book. I need to include this little activity and use the power of goal setting.

Anyway, here are photos I took a few minutes ago to show you how big my okra, tomato and eggplants seedlings are now:

2-month old tomato seedlings

2-month old okra seedlings

2-month old eggplant seedlings

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  1. aw! looking at your tomato plant excites me and at the same time makes me realize that when I need to re-pot my tomato plants soon. I put so many seedlings with their true leaves already in one pot. I am glad I saw this pic in your blog. I must plant one seedling per pot... (I need almost 50 pots, OMG!).