Friday, February 10, 2012

Memory Foam for our Home

Since I was  kid, it has always been my nature to beautify my immediate surroundings. Hence, I had the best-looking room in the house, I always re-arranged our living room furniture, I made our house a lot prettier than its current condition. When I got married, I also carried this discipline with me even when we were just staying at my in-laws' house. I practically redecorated the place after my mother-in-law passed away.

Here's our house in Bulacan (2002):

And here's our very first matrimonial bedroom:

We eventually moved out and rented a little house in Quezon City (2003). Come see what I did to the limited space we had:

And this is our second matrimonial bedroom:

Then come 2007, my husband and I were blessed enough to have purchased our first home here in Alabang and little by little it was becoming the dream home that I've always wanted as a child.

We are not very particular about our gadgets, or having fancy clothes. But when it comes to home furnishings and house decor, we tend to buy the best furniture our budget will allow, the best appliances that we're sure would last, and the best furnishings that would give us comfort. After all, we plan to live here for a very long time. And being a freelance home-based virtual assistant and a full time housewife, I want our house to cater to my every need and desire. Also, because our bedroom is our main haven where my husband and I retreat to after a hectic and stressful day at work, we make sure that it's the most comfortable space in our home.

So we made it a point to make our bedroom hotel room-like. We made sure that our queen-sized bed has one of the best mattresses that we find most comfortable. One day, we decided to buy a memory foam mattress. It happened when we were visiting a friend in Antipolo. And this good friend of ours offered to buy this memory foam mattress for us. He said it's his post-wedding gift to us. How generous!

We actually tried several different mattresses first and ended up buying the memory foam mattress because of its comfort. If you've tried a memory foam mattress before, you'll notice that this is one of the mattresses that really adjusts to the shape of your body. No wonder that memory foam mattress is known for relieving pressure and providing comfort. Other mattresses don't offer the same kind of luxury.

I remember as a little kid, we had this really lumpy mattress at home. There are days when I'd just  sleep on the floor because it was better than sleeping in one of those lumpy mattresses. Now that we could afford a memory foam mattress and other luxuries, we try to get things that can make our lives better.

Here's how our bedroom looks like right now:

Perhaps next time, I'll try another one of those luxury mattresses they have in the shop. We have a second bedroom at home, a guest bedroom, and I plan to get another memory foam mattress for the second one.


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