Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Recent Vegetable Harvest

I've been busy with work that I seldom visit my mini vegetable garden anymore except in the morning when I water my plants so it was such a lovely surprise when I saw how many fruits they've been producing. I've actually been cooking my eggplant harvest almost everyday now and will probably be eating more of those the rest of the week, considering that I am running out of groceries

Here are the remaining vegetables I harvested recently. Too bad I can't eat my own tomatoes and pepper coz of my GERD so my hubby automatically has dibs on them. At least I still get to eat my semi-sweet eggplant and my favorite okra.  (^_^) 


  1. awww I want okra too! been planning to make my own okra and eggplant garden, walang time pa :)

  2. That's understandable Mommy Pehpot. Try to set aside time kahit 1 hour lang on a weekend. Start small, like buy a pack of seeds when you do your groceries, tapos next time soil namna, and so on and so forth. Before you know it, may vegetable jungle ka na garden nyo. :)