Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bead and Shell Necklaces

It's been a really long while since I had the time (as well as energy) to make some beaded accessories for myself. Sometimes, the only way to deal with this kind of creative laziness is to just get down to it even if I don't feel inspired or energetic enough to spend an hour or two creating something pretty for me. So, like what the famous Nike adage "Just do it!" says, I just went ahead and did it anyway. I lay down some of my beads and shells on my workshop table and just started stringing beads together until a little bit of inspiration and motivation started kicking in. Then voila... after some time, I came up with four bead and shell necklaces!

Here are the bead and shell necklaces I made last Sunday afternoon:

The last three are very simple ones just to help me accessorize some of my party attires and casual getup.

The first one, which is mostly made of little cowrie and hermit crab shells as well as wooden beads, is a bit more stylish in its design. I wore it yesterday to accessorize a very simple orange blouse from my Sexy Nomad Apparel. I spent a whole day with one of my best friends just mostly talking about our choices in life, religious views and sacrifices we made. Anyway, despite that very deep and soul-wrenching bonding moment I had with her, I was glad I spent it with this shell necklace on my neck. Touching it and looking at it makes me remember that life is still beautiful and will continue to get better and better and better. Til my next creation! Ciao!

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