Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Negative Shapes and Composition Basics

After I finished 12.5 hours of work, I managed to squeeze in an hour of practicing drawing negative shapes then started with the composition basics.

Negative shapes are the spaces between and around objects. When sketching a group of a pitcher, mug and cup for instance, instead of looking at the shapes of the three objects, I look at the shapes of the spaces between them and start sketching those parts. This way, I can capture the objects and their relationship with each other more accurately, thereby creating more precise drawings.

This kind of approach is said to be used by a lot of artists/painters especially when drawing human figures

As for the composition of basics, this method is all about the rule of thirds. Here, I learned how to divide my point of view into three parts horizontally and vertically. Coz when it's just divided into two and the subject of the drawing is always at the center, it will just produce a dull and lifeless picture. But if I arrange the subjects of my drawing in such a way that it shows movement and they are a little off tangent from the center, then it will produce a drawing with movement and more life.

There's also the viewfinder kind where I use my fingers to form a square and look at a view through it. It's perfect for landscapes. Using the viewfinder, I can sketch little squares of landscapes where I can instantly isolate small areas of a wide vista then from there, choose which view to draw.

This is so much fun! Can't wait to learn more tomorrow. ^_^

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