Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making Jelly Soaps Once Again

Yep, I'm back in my workshop making jelly soaps once again! Yay!

I've just been beset by a lot of  "distractions" I call work but right now, after all the confusion, meditation, and consultation, I think I'm really going forward with this.

This week, I've made ten kinds of soaps and I hope to make more in the coming weeks. I don't have any help, it's just me and my tiny hands doing all the grunt work so bear with me as I get everything going. I make each batch with love and passion as if they're all that matters in my world. Teehee.

I'm working on other things soap-related at the moment (like the pricing, packaging, website to house my inventories, description, etc.). I'll also be giving away some jelly soaps real soon.

Til then!

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