Monday, December 19, 2011

Repotting Tomato Plants for the Third Time

I spent my first hour this morning repotting my tomato plants for the third time. This is how they look like now:

The second time I repotted my tomato plants was when I transferred them from those recycled ice cream bins I used before, to green pails I bought one time at Festival Mall (coz at that time, I had no idea that plastic pots are sold in Ace Hardware and I was too busy to go to a gardening shop... LOL!).

Anyway, here they were when I repotted them for the second time on Nov. 26.

I thought those pails would hold. But now, on their third month, they're already  growing so big that tying them against sticks  can no longer hold their bodies (which I did on Dec. 3)

Plus, their roots are starting to stick out of the soil. This is actually why tomatoes are better repotted on a piece of lot but for people like me who have no available lots for vegetables to grow, then we'll just have to do with big pots and a ton of soil.

Here's what I did:
  1. I prepared the five big pots plus ten sacks of soilless potting mix I bought last weekend from Ace Hardware in Festival Mall.
  2. I put some soil on the bigger pot where I'll be repotting my tomato plant.
  3. I got one pot of my tomato plant and started digging on the side of the pot to loosen up the soil a bit. (It's better if you do this after two days of not watering your plant so that the soil would be dry and packed).
  4. Once the sides of the potted plant have been loosened a bit, I carefully yanked the plant so as to  lift it out of the pot.
  5. I placed the plant with its roots intact to the bigger pot.
  6. I put more soil in there, until the bigger pot is almost full.
  7. I did the same steps to the other 4 tomato plants then watered them all afterward.

Hopefully, this is the last time I am repotting my tomato plants. This hobby is getting quite expensive for me. The ten sacks of soil alone cost me almost Php880 and the five bigger pots amounted to Php495. Hopefully they'll stop growing and start bearing fruits. Til then! (^_^) 

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