Monday, January 2, 2012

My First Okra Harvest

My vegetable plants are growing bigger and bigger and I'm still amazed at how I am able to take care of them for almost four months now. I never had a green thumb before but now I believe that with enough patience, discipline and passion, anything is possible! 

I've already harvested from my Kangkong (and I keep doing so every week) and now my Okra! It's really true what vegetable farmers say... the fulfillment you get from eating food that you grow yourself is priceless and fulfilling. I should know... I just ate steamed okra for breakfast together with kangkong, carrots, eggs, fish, soya milk and brown rice. Yum!

I hope the photos below will inspire you to start planting too. Let's be self-sustainable! 

To learn how to start growing vegetables from seeds, head to this link: How to plant vegetables


  1. happy new year 2012! Hopefully next year will be better than this year:). great blog comes with great post..and you have both :)
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  2. Thank you my dear and happy new year too! Cheers to better and brighter days ahead! :)

  3. hi jen. i have a few questions for you, hope you don't mind... 1. where did you get/buy your seeds, especially the okra ones 2. did you plant them in pots or in the ground 3. do you have a special soil mix?

    i've tried several times to start a vegetable garden... i bought starter plants at Edsa Garden House, but everything (basil, mint, thyme, tomato, etc) except the rosemary herb eventually withered and died.

    i tried starting from seeds, but my okra and sili plants died also.



  4. Mommy M,

    I bought all the seeds from National Bookstore of all places. I planted them at first in makeshift pots (Selecta ice cream bins) and used a soil less potting mix from Ace Hardware.

    Please head to these links so you can see how I did everything from start to finish:

    You can do it too, Mommy M! :)

  5. yey! i just planted the tomato, okra and kangkong seed i bought from ace hardware. i also bought the soil-less mix you recommended.

    kept my fingers and toes crossed... and i even uttered prayers while i planted my seeds. desperada? hahaha!

    at first i thought i got the wrong soil-less mix because mine said it's for ornamental plants. tama naman pala... same as what you used.

    question, did you use up every single seed in the packet? i used the old plastic pots my deceased herbs came in (washed and scrubbed them really good first)and i only put about five seeds in each.

    the herbs i bought from EDSA Garden House had about 5 stalks(?) or 5 pieces of the herb in each pot, so i figured i would do the same and just transfer them once the plants are big enough.

    haaayyy sana maka-harvest na din ako ng okra, tomatoes and kangkong!

    okra has been my obsession ever since i tried starting my veggie garden. i like them steamed lightly with bagoong. when my first attempt failed i took a break and switched to herbs... namatay pa din. huhuhu... sana this time success na.

    it would really be doubly nice if i get to eat the ones i myself planted and grew, right?

  6. Mommy M! I'm so happy for you! Basta keep them moist everyday by watering them just right and placing them in a spot with sunlight but not direct sunlight. Once they start sprouting, that's the time you place them under direct sunlight. When it rains, take them back in. Make sure the soil is moist everyday.

    The kangkong will be the ones to sprout first. The tomato and okra seeds will take about a week. Be patient.. :)

    I didn't use up nga pala all the seeds in the packet. Like you, I spaced them out din in my makeshift pots.

    Nagutom ako sa description mo ng okra. Haha.

    This will work son't worry, basta alagaan lang sila.

    Soon, you'll be harvesting your own veggies too. :)

  7. Jen! I'm starting my own veggie garden too! also bought the seeds from National and bought soiless mixture (form enrico) :)

  8. Ooohhh! That's great Peh! Let me know how it goes! Soon, we will be both making pakbet every week. ;)