Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Tomato Plants Started Bearing Fruits

After breakfast this morning, I went to the balcony to water and prune my plants (as usual) when I noticed that my tomato plants now have a number of tomato fruits! Oh wow! At long last! I noticed that they come from the flowers that were already wilted. Then it hit me, no wonder it took a while for my tomato plants to bear fruit --- I kept pruning the dried flowers before! Ack! This is what happens when I don't study vegetable farming very well and I just learn as I go along. Now that I know better, you also know better. I will never prune dried flowers anymore. Teehee.

Here, look at the photos I took this  morning of my babies bearing their own baby tomatoes. So cute!

If you also want to learn how to grow tomatoes on pots, please visit this link: How to Grow Tomatoes


  1. congrats Jen :)

    it's different eating your home grown tomatoes :)

  2. Jen this is so great!!! Wag mo na bitawan ang activity na ito it is literally PRODUCTIVE and FRUITFUL hahaha!

  3. Thanks Pehpot! Thanks Mariwitch! They really are yummy! Fulfilling pati. Truly productive and fruitful talaga. :)

  4. awwww... cuteness to the highest level! will these be cherry tomatoes, salad tomatoes or full-grown 'kamatis tagalog'?

    how big are their pots now? i reckon they are no longer in the recycled ice cream tubs, right?

    i never knew tomatoes and okra need full sunlight. maybe that is why my first ones withered and eventually died. toink! buti na lang nabasa ko sa blog mo na dapat full sunlight. hahaha!

    my okra and kangkong seeds have started to sprout. tomato na lang ang nakatago pa. i placed the pots on a makeshift tray para madali ilipat where the sun is or isilong when it's raining.

    i'm really excited to see how this attempt goes... too excited i pulled the cracked seed covering my kangkong sprout. ayun naputol ang leaves! bad, bad, bad! if you can cast a spell on me to have more patience, please do. i sorely need patience in everything i do and everyone i deal with. :-)

  5. btw, when you re-pot, do you still use the red earth soil-less potting mix or do you shift to soil?

    i understand it is not recommended to mix the potting mix with soil or any other potting medium... so i would really need several bags once i transplant/re-pot.

    excited much! :-)

  6. Mommy M,

    I honestly don't know what kinds of tomatoes I'm growing. The seed packet says tomatoes lang kasi. From their looks right now, they look like kamatis tagalog. I'll know more once they start maturing and I'll post about it.

    Yup, no more recycled bins. I got the biggest pot I could find at Ace hardware, yung tig-Php99 per pot. I also already used up about a dozen sacks of potting mix na coz so this little hobby of mine is getting wee bit expensive, haha! Red Earth was out of stock last weekend so I bought whatever was there. Mas mura yung Enrico brand, about Php74.50 a pack and hopefully, good kind din sha like Red Earth.

    Don't worry Mommy M. Just practice delaying your impulses and you'll be more patient as the weeks go by. It's all in the mind. :)