Thursday, January 6, 2011

Golden Treasure Soap Making Seminar

I'm in! I'm in! It's official!

The courier from Golden Treasure was here a few minutes ago to get my Php500 deposit for the soap making seminar I will be attending on Jan. 15. It's really happening! I feel excited about it, especially when I learned that it's not just soap I'll be making, but they'll be teaching us how to make various cleaners, spa products, fabric softener, air freshener, shampoo, lotion, and sanitizer too! The list of things to make is definitely longer than what we did in 2005. Oh goodie!

Some of these I've already done before but it's nice to learn other new techniques and skills.

Hopefully, when everything goes as planned, I can set up a more comprehensive line of products than I did before. In 2003, I set up a home-based biz called Nature in Bottles or NIBs.

It was pure luck that I a friend of mine, Luige, was working in Inquirer then and I happen to deliver some of my home-made spa products to him.

Then all of a sudden, Pam Pastor of Inquirer's Lifestyle section wanted to interview me. It was such a huge blessing.

People from all over the Philippines was ordering from me. If I didn't have a full time job then, I would've gladly turned NIBs into something bigger. I am hoping, that it's not yet too late and that I can still set up a biz that would also include soaps and other products.

So this is my update for today - another small step I took to move forward with one of my projects.
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