Monday, January 17, 2011

Soap Making Seminar Part II

Finally, I attended this soap making seminar last Saturday and it was fantastic! I learned to do a bunch of things like fabric softener, dish washing liquid, all-purpose powder soap, shampoo, hand soap, bar soap, detergent soap, herbal soap and many other soap stuff including bleach, car wash soap, lotion, foot powder and other spa products. Since I already know most of these things from a previous Golden Treasure soap making seminar I attended in 2005 and the fact that I used to manufacture and sell all natural spa products for many years before, the seminar really helped refresh my memory and now I'm not so afraid of making soap anymore, herbal soaps, that is.

Oh and did I tell you I got a discount because this is my second time of attending their seminar? I'm really lucky! ^_^

Although, there was an incident when my hand got in contact with caustic soda which caused my hand to burn and itch. Good thing I immediately washed it off. This reminds me to buy lots of rubber gloves for my hands. At least now, I already have additional materials like glycerin blocks and 3 different scents which I can use to make my first batch of home-made herbal soap. Plus, I now know where to get all the other ingredients. I can have them delivered here at home which is so perfect since I work from home almost all day long doing freelance virtual assistant work. All I need now are my cake thermometer and hand gloves then I'd be good to go. I can then start making soap all by myself. Weee!

Before I go, here are some photos I took during the seminar:

mixing ingredients for the fabric softener
I got two free bottles of fabric softener we made.
mixing ingredients for an all-purpose powder soap
mixing ingredients for a dishwashing liquid
I hope I find the time to practice what I learned. Popsy (Peter's dad) will be arriving this Friday from US and will be staying with us for 3 weeks. I still dunno what my schedule will be like. One thing is for sure though, I'd like to focus on making herbal soaps and perfecting it. The other stuff, I can just do for our personal household use. ^_^

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  1. I am so looking up how to do stuff like that, Jen. And pray that I will have the time for it. I will check with the TESDA here. I think they give seminars like that, too. I mishu and please send my regards to Popsy!

    Heaven sends you her love. She's nearly walking on her own. :)