Thursday, February 10, 2011

Orange and Cherry Herbal Soap Scrub with Olive Oil, and Oatmeal

After making two kinds of Herbal Soap Scrub with Green Apple, Olive Oil, Oatmeal and Thyme, followed by Herbal Soap Scrub with Orange, Olive Oil, and Oatmeal, I decided to mix two essences on my third try. Cherry is too strong a scent for me so instead of making a pure cherry herbal soap, I also put in some orange essence and it came out perfectly!

I again used the melt and pour process and used glycerin as my base. I made two sizes: a medium-sized one and four smaller ones which are so cute they look like gelatin!

Again, glycerin is a natural ingredient that is very pure and gentle. It is naturally hypo-allergenic because it has no animal ingredients whatsoever and does not contain any irritating oils. Glycerin also helps reduce bacteria without the harshness of a regular anti-bacterial soap bar. It also helps the environment because glycerin is bio-degradable and so are the rest of the ingredients I used like oatmeal and olive oil.

The olive oil is for added moisturizing effect on the skin. Even people with sensitive skin can use olive oil. It is very safe and has a soothing effect.

I also added oatmeal because of its natural exfoliating quality. It nourishes the skin by scrubbing away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil.

The cherry and orange essences add a fruity and refreshing scent to my batch of soap.

I guess, I'll have enough soaps to last me until summer. I gave some to Popsy and to Tita Cheryl and they loved the feeling on their skin after using them! I'm so happy!!! So now, my ingredients are all running out. When I have the time, I need to buy some more ingredients, make other kinds of soap and start doing some costing. I may just turn this into a new small time biz after my long summer break in paradise. ^_^

Ciao for now!


  1. hello! i love natural & organic prods.
    how can i place an order? :)

  2. Hi Pett! I'm working on my product website right now, I'll let you know as soon as everything is ready. Thanks! :)

  3. Thanks! I'll wait for updates :)